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Failing To Prepare, Is Preparing To Fail.


The survival shelters which usually are tents and tarps come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Their design is to carry out the same task, and that is to protect you from the weather and climate, keeping you warm, dry, and a good sensation of safety in the outdoors.

Knives & Tools

Survival knives are intended for survival purposes in a wilderness environment. Survival knives are often used for trapping, skinning, woodcutting, wood carving, and other applications. There are also other essential tools used for survival, such as hatchets, saws, shovels, to name a few.


Backpacks are commonly used by hikers, trekkers, campers, preppers, law enforcement, and the military. There are the most straightforward one-compartment bags for everyday use or the sophisticated multi compartments and even some with MOLLE technology that makes it possible to add modular attachments to increase the capacity and load

Campsite Gear

Campsite Gear

Surviving in the wilderness requires the preparation of food with outdoor designed equipment. From micro burners, small stoves or just a grill over a fire. Or adaptable utensils, cookware, and canteens. Having the right gear for your outdoors or in an emergency will decide how your survival experience will turn out to be.

Health & Hygiene

Having a medical kit in a survival situation is essential. You never know what could happen at your campsite; you’ll be glad you brought a complete medical package for the outdoors. In your survival backpack, you can have just a first aid kit, or being more precautious with a complete first aid and a trauma kit together.

Camping Lights


Illuminating your campsite or navigating through the dark, no matter the situation, having the correct illumination devices is your priority. There are so many illumination devices designs to choose from. You could use a propane or liquid gas lantern, or a LED flashlight. But no matter which option to have inside your survival backpack, always make sure to have more than one.